About Us

Our Philosophy

The facilitators' mission is to ensure that each child meets their full potential and can live rich, meaningful lives. We understand that each child is unique and requires a personalized treatment program that is research based and uses proven strategies. Our treatment uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to treat the whole individual.

We believe that the family unit should be the focus of each child's program and we strive to match each child with therapists that meet the needs of the family. In order to accomplish this we ensure each staff member is compassionate, dedicated to each family they serve, and understand the child's needs. Additionally, our staff receive rigorous and thorough training in Applied Behavior Analysis from the founder of Walk Through Autism, many times working side-by-side with her.

Our therapists utilize a collaborative approach, integrating other professionals' models and approaches with our own in order to assist each child in reaching their maximum potential. We do not believe that our approach is the only beneficial method to use when working with children and we welcome other professionals to complement our work.



Walk through Autism was founded by a professional (M.A., BCBA) that has 15 years of diverse experience in the field of helping individuals diagnosed with various disabilities. The owner specializes in treating individuals diagnosed with Autism through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis. She has worked with individuals in schools, group homes, behavioral agencies, supported living facilities, clinics, hospitals and private homes. Through this experience, Walk through Autism's founder has created a unique, well rounded treatment and business model to share with families. Walk through Autism facilitators hopes to share their vision, knowledge, and years of experience with your family.